Today Is The Day

NonZeroSum Presents

Today Is The Day

Monolith, Birthplace / Burial Plot

Sun, September 17, 2017

5:30 pm

The Lost Horizon.

Syracuse, NY

$12.00 - $16.00

This event is all ages

Today Is The Day
Today Is The Day
Noise-rock band founded in Nashville, Tennessee and currently based out of Orland, Maine.

Headed by Steve Austin (2).

Current members:
Steve Austin – guitar, vocals
Trevor Thomas - bass (2015-present)
Douglas Andrae - drums (2015-present)

Some former members:
Brad Elrod – drums (1992–96) (1998–99)
Mike Herrell – bass (1992–96)
Chris Reeser – bass (1996–98)
Mike Hyde – drums (1997–98)
Bill Kelliher – bass (1999)
Brann Dailor – drums (1999)
Chris Debari – bass (2000–08)
Marshall Kilpatric – drums (2000–02)
Mike Rosswog – drums (2004, 2008)
Derek Roddy – drums (2007–08)
John Judkins – bass (2008–2010)
Julien Granger – drums (2009–2010)
Ryan Jones – bass (2010–2013)
Curran Reynolds – drums (2010–2013)
Sean Conkling – bass (2013–2015)
Jeffrey Lohrber – drums (2013–2015)
Monolith started as a soloproject in 1997, formed by the Belgian electronic music veteran and producer Eric Van Wonterghem (ex-Klinik and member of Sonar and Insekt). After the first release "Compressed form", an ambient_industrial soundscape, the next albums "Tribal globe” and “Labyrinth" are well recieved in the (independent)music magazines and Monolith starts performing live all over Europe, Canada and the USA, the result is the "Disco buddha" clubhit…
Monolith has just released its 5th album "15seconds" on Psycho Dynamics. On this release Monolith goes further with his experimental sound which is a mixture from industrial, ambient and ebm sounds created with the latest technologies and mixed with lots of outboard analog gear.
Repetitive loops, hypnotising electronic sequences and carrying rhythmics take you into a multi-coloured journey through electro and industrial landscapes while each time incorporating new exotic elements and using vocal samples and guest vocalists when relevant. Elaborated electronic music arrangements which speak to both body and mind! Between modern urban dance and cold minimal electro/industrial. The band also welcomes a new member aboard, namely Eric’s wife Hilde Ivens, yes the sister of Dirk Ivens, who adds live vocals as well as live video-mixing.
Venue Information:
The Lost Horizon.
5863 Thompson Rd.
Syracuse, NY, 13214